Zoom video app logins were put on sale on the dark web, says report

Hackers put more than half a million login details for the teleconferencing app on the dark web, The Sunday Times newspaper reported.

The logins were put up for sale at 1 pence (1.25 cents) each and were discovered and bought by cybersecurity intelligence company Cyble, the paper said. Cyble bought the logins from a Russian-speaking person on the Telegram messaging service, which allows anonymous messaging.

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Video Communications has seen global usage of its service surge during coronavirus shutdowns, but has come under increasing pressure over vulnerabilities in the app’s software encryption. The company has been sued amid accusations it hid flaws in its app and has seen cases of online trolls sneak in and disrupt web meetings with profanity and pornography.

Zoom’s shares have more than doubled this year alongside its meteoric rise in popularity, but privacy and cybersecurity experts have expressed scepticism.

From Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Tesla. to New York City’s Department of Education, agencies around the world have begun to ban usage of the app amid security concerns.

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