Youth of all political parties could become part of ‘Tiger Force’: Dar

Special Adviser to the Prime Minister on Youth Affairs Usman Dar has said that the youth belonging to any political party could be the part of Prime Minister’s Tiger Force.

Talking to a private news channel here on Sunday, Usman Dar said that he was thankful to youth of country and appreciates their bravery as even in critical situation, a huge number of people have registered themselves for the Prime Minister’s tiger force.

He said the Tiger Force will be organized at Union Council level and concerned members of National Assembly and Deputy Commissioners will be the focal person.

He further said a proper mechanism will be defined after which the tiger force will be assigned responsibilities in their respective areas.

They will also be responsible for identifying the suspects of COVID-19.

Their protection will be the responsibility of the government.

A control room has been set up at the Prime Minister’s office and monitoring teams have been formed, he added.

The special assistant has also registered himself for the Corona Tiger Force.

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