Women’s Liberation: Are We Liberated?

We all talk of women’s education. We all talk of women’s liberation. But how far we are from the real truth? We preach a lot. But do we practice it? Today the world is moving at a very fast pace. Women are moving ahead of men in every sphere of life.

Academics: Be it Historian Romila Thapar to noted Scholar Nabanita Deb Sen to writer Shobha De women are everywhere.

Politics: From Mrs Indira Gandhi to Mrs Hillary Clinton politics is always best handled by a lady.

Journalism: Each and every leading media house is headed by a lady.

Acting: From India to the United States, women are the best and the highest paid performers in today’s time.

Corporate world: From banker Mrs Chanda Kochhar to Biocon chief Kiran Majumdar Shaw a lot of leading corporate Institutions have been headed by women.

Malala Yousafjai: All discussion will be incomplete if we fail to talk about this girl. Coming from a humble background she broke all stereotypes to become a Nobel Laureate. She broke all stereotypes surrounding Islam religion.

Mary Kom: India’s very own Mary Kom is today the world’s highest rated boxer. She is a mother, a dedicated wife and a champion boxer. How many women can achieve that?

Kiran Bedi: A discussion about women will be incomplete if we don’t talk about Kiran Bedi. Perhaps the most highly decorated and celebrated IPS Officer in India. From lawyer Meenakshi Arora to Astronaut Kalpana Chawla the list is endless. The number of child beggars in India are rising every day. The rate of girls trafficked out of India is rising every day. In India itself Madhyapradesh has the highest rate of rape in India.

India is land of women scholars. Be it Khana, Gargi or Maitrayee. Can’t we provide the basic amenities to women like sanitation, education, hygiene etc?

Right to basic education: Let every girl has the right to basic education.

Right to basic hygiene: Let every girl has the right to basic hygiene.

Marriage at a proper age: Let every girl get married at a proper age. Let every girl get married after they attain adulthood and only after they get proper education.

Prevention of Marital Rapes: India is a land with the highest number of Marital rapes.

A man is born out of a lady’s womb. Behind every successful man there is a lady. Can’t we change the rule and prove and prove that the vice versa is also possible?

But still we are far from the real truth. Women are tortured till today. India worships the supreme form of female deity in the form of Mother Durga. We must Never forget that. Even Mother Mary is worshiped before Jesus Christ.

Marital rapes do exist. We don’t treat our wives, mothers or girlfriends with equal dignity. We fail to practice what we preach. At least I do. I hope you don’t commit the same mistake.

Let behind every successful lady there be a man: Behind every successful man there is a lady. It is time we prove that behind every successful lady there is a man. Let us take one step forward. It is high time to prove that. There is no shame in that.

Source by Suddhadeb Chakraborti

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