White House document says federal government is a test ‘supplier of last resort’

In a new set of documents, which President Donald Trump plans to unveil during an early evening press briefing, the administration will offer a blueprint laying out where it sees the boundaries between federal and state responsibilities.

The documents will also lay out what the administration has done so far to ramp up testing, including strengthening the US supply chain for supplies and testing kits.

“Testing plans and rapid response programs will be federally supported, state managed, and locally executed,” the blueprint document, obtained by CNN, reads.
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In an overview of the plan, the federal government’s role is described as providing “strategic direction and technical assistance regarding the best use of available testing technologies” and “provide expedited regulatory authorizations” for tests.

But the document says the federal government should act only as the “supplier of last resort” for testing materials.

States should “develop testing plans and rapid response programs” and “maximize the use of all available testing platforms and venues,” according to the copy of the blueprint.

The document says the private sector should “develop new technologies” and “accelerate production of tests and materials.”

Trump and members of his coronavirus task force laid out the materials in a midday call with governors on Monday.

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