Visiting Hyderabad, India

Visit one of India’s hot tourist destinations, a lively 400-year old metropolis/ Its history famous as being the former seat of the intensely rich Nizams, that city is Hyderabad, India. Technology-savvy tourists will find this place very interesting too because the IT industry, with more than 150 companies registered with STP or Hyderabad’s Software Technology Park in this city is one of the major sources of revenue generation for the state and the district.

Legend tells of how Hyderabad was founded. It was said that a young prince named Muhammad Quli fell in love with a simple maiden from Chichlam village just across the river Musi. The maiden’s father, Ibrahim Qutb Shah, built a bridge on the river so that the prince could not endanger his life. When Muhammed Quli was hailed king, he built Charminar at the place where the village was erected. It was then named Bhagnagar (which means city of good fortune) to please his beloved. Later on, it was named Hyderabad.

Hyderabad is the fifth largest city of India and of Andhra Pradesh. It has very rich historical tradition spanning for over 400 years. It was founded by Mohammed Quli Qutub Shah who is the fifth sultan of the Qutb Shahi Dynasty in 1591. It was during his reign where the history of Hyderabad began. Quili Qutb seized this city from the Bahamani Kingdom in 1512 and built the fortress city of Golconda. Because of limited water resources and frequent plague of diseases, Mohammed Quli Qutub Shah was persuaded to move outward to make a new city with the Charminar as the center. His fame and the strategic location and the wealth of Golconda attracted Auragazeb, thus capturing Golconda after a heavy war in 1687. The city of Hyderabad fell into ruins that time. It was only in 1948 when Hyderabad became a major capital city again ruled by Asaf Jah and was succeeded by Nizams of the Asaf Jahi Dynasty.

The city’s journey was very superb, from nawabs and pearls to the world’s high-tech industry. The seven Nizams who ruled Hyderabad led to the city’s growth, both economically and culturally. It became the largest princely state in India.

With the area as big as Scotland and England put together, you’ll see how greatly the city has improved and flourished. It has its own mint, currency, railways and postal system. And guys, it has no income tax! Right after India got its independence, Hyderabad State was merged with the Union of India. The map of India was then redrawn and Hyderabad became the capital of Andhra Pradesh in November 1, 1956.

Visit the city of pearls and have a glimpse of the city’s glorious past, rich historical culture and modernized technology and see for yourself how this could be a very good place to travel – leisure or business wise.

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