Vijaya Mallya, The Kingfisher Calendar and the Position of Women

India is a country with an ancient civilization. Earlier the Indian society was fairly advanced and women were liberated to an extant. But with the advent of the Moslems in the 8th and 9th century and subsequent defeat of the local rulers, a primitive culture was enforced. This included the purdah system and the Burkha. The result was that women were confined to the home or the harem.

This state of affairs continued for nearly 900 years till the advent of the Raj and British rule. During the British period, some liberalization took place and women started coming out of their homes. The dawn of independence in 1947 was a further step in the freeing of women from the shackles of their homes. Women ventured into the work place and also took to wearing dresses that put the purdah is behind them.

Vijay Mallya the Indian industrialist has in his own way struck a blow against the purdah system with his annual calendar. This consists of a bevy of beautiful girls in swim wear. These photographs t show the state to which Indian women have reached from the days of the purdah, when it was anathema to show ones body to a stranger. Each girl in a revealing swim dress represents a month. The calendar thus show cases 12 girls and believe me there is hot competition to be one of the girls on this calendar.

The calendar itself compared to some of the western show cases like the Playboy calendar is tame affair. Never the less the publication is blow in favor of the freedom of the Indian woman. The calendar has now become an annual event and is looked forward to by a lot of people in India. The press also has something to cheer.

This year the event for launch of the publication was a gala affair. It was launched in Mumbai with the film star Salman Khan being the main guest. Important personages graced the occasion. Film star Deepika Padaukane was also there to lend color to the event.

The publication by itself does not mean much. But it shows that India is changing. Vijay Mallya deserves credit for this launch. Along with his Kingfisher brand he has insured that his name remains on very one’s lips. He certainly deserves our snappiest salute. The launch of the calendar is to be seen in the light of the Indian woman remaining covered from head to toe for centuries. that itself is a gigantic change and we must thank there are people who want to break the purdah and the Burkha.

Source by Madan G Singh

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