US Defense Secretary announces to enhance military ties with Pakistan

US Secretary of Defense nominee General (retd) Lloyd Austin has announced to enhance military ties with Pakistan and said that he would promote cooperation with Pakistan on various important issues.

On Tuesday, Joe Biden’s nominee for Secretary of Defense Gen (r) Lloyd Austin said this to members of the Senate Armed Services Committee during his confirmation hearing. Lloyd Austin said that Pakistan holds the role of a critical ally in any peace process in Afghanistan. It has taken positive steps to bring peace to Afghanistan at the request of the United States, he added.

“We see Pakistan as an important partner,” he said. The Biden administration will also work to thwart elements trying to disrupt the Afghan peace process. He acknowledged that Pakistan is an essential partner for any peace process in Afghanistan.

Responding to a question, Lloyd Austin said he would focus on the common interests of Pakistan and the United States, including the use of military education and training funds to train Pakistan’s future military leaders.

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