US coronavirus update: Some states have partially reopened

“Virus hunter” researchers are going into bat caves to prevent the next pandemic.

EcoHealth Alliance’s Dr. Peter Daszak, a virus hunter, explained how the hunting works:

“We knew SARS originated in rural southwest China in bats. So we went out to find out what other viruses could likely emerge. We then get the genetic sequences of those viruses and pass them over to the people designing vaccines and drugs.”

“They test these drugs against a wide range of viruses and show that they can not only treat SARS and Covid-19, but also potentially future pandemics that might emerge,” he added.

Some facts coming out of the research work are in direct conflict with President Trump’s claims that Covid-19 originated in a government lab in China. The research by experts also debunks the claims that the virus was deliberately leaked.

“They showed pretty much no doubt at all that this is not a bio-generated virus. There is no evidence of human tampering,” he said. “When you look what’s happening in the nature with 1 to 7 million people a year exposed, that’s clearly where this virus came from.”

Studying these viruses for more than 15 years, Daszak said that since the SARS outbreak, “we’ve found out that bats carry hundreds of these coronaviruses, many of which we’ve shown are able to infect people.”

He warned that pandemics are increasing in frequency. With their work, he hopes future pandemics can be prevented.

“Let’s find all of these viruses, find out the genetic sequences, design vaccines that work against all of them so we’re protected against all future pandemics. That’s the vision.”


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