Trump says there will be ‘a lot of death’ over the next two weeks

A panel of experts have been answering your questions about life in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

Here are some of the most common questions:

Q: Should I worry about contracting the virus from mail and newspapers?

A: Dr. Darria Long, emergency room physician: “There is not evidence you may contract the coronavirus from mail and newspapers but that said if you want to be on the safer side we know that Covid can live on cardboard for about 24 hours. If you want to take the extra precaution you can effectively quarantine that mail, say in your garage or someplace, for about 24 hours then open it up and wash your hands well after you do it.”

Q: There’s a lot of talk about social distancing but what do you do when you are on an overcrowded subway or bus?

A: Dr. Darria Long, emergency room physician: “For one, of course, maintain social distancing as much as you can. If you can stay six feet away from other people on the bus or subway, do so. Other than that, I would absolutely want someone to be wearing a mask the entire time they are on there, even a cloth mask. Then you can do two other things. You can wear an outer layer you carefully remove when you get out of the subway or bus or wear gloves. But key point, we are seeing a lot of people wear gloves and I do have t say you have to remove them carefully or you eliminate the effect. So you pinch the outer glove with one hand and take your clean finger to remove the other so you’re not touching the outside. Of course wash your hands afterwards.”

Q: How do I talk to my 65-year-old father about limiting his visits to the store without sounding like I am scolding him?

A: Dr. Gail Saltz, psychiatrist and psychoanalyst: “The relationships that are happening between adult children and their parents and kids who suddenly arrive back home, there is pressure going on and anxiety going on that things are being heard in critical ways or people are saying things in irritable ways which is all very understandable. But if you realize that your parent is used to being ‘the parent’ and you simply say, hey, I love you and I’m really just worried about you so I’m asking you not to do this because I understand it puts you at greater risk and for me, my worry, my anxiety, I would really feel better if you wouldn’t do it which is different than saying, hey. I know better and I told you so.”

Q: Mosquito season is about to start. Should we be concerned about mosquitos transmitting Covid-19?

A: Dr. Darria Long, emergency room physician: We know mosquitos can carry other viruses, but there is not evidence right now they can actually transmit coronavirus from one person to another.”

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