The Role of Parents in a Children’s Life

For the children, the parents are the role model throughout their lives.The parents can’t be replaced by anybody. They play an irreplaceable role in their lives. Being the first teachers in the child’s life, the parents help them to grow to an adult from a baby.

If you are a parent, you must always take care of the child’s likings and disliking. The parents are encouraged by the teachers to review the lesson of the classroom at home to help them better understand the areas that need greater help. Reserve some time in advance for your kids so that you read together with them. As a parent you can help your child by reading one chapter and allow your kids to read the other. You can also persuade your kids to pick books which they want to read. This develops the taste for reading with the kids.

What you should do as a parent to make the learning as a child’s everyday experience? As for example, when you cook in the kitchen teach your kids about the concept of divisions, mixing or measuring etc. When your child asks for the weather speak on the reasons of hotness at a beach. Have a mutual interaction in conversations with your child. Don’t pour information into their minds all the time, rather listen to the child’s innovative ideas. Let you be considered as your child’s friend. Allow your child to make fun with you so that your child can get access to you and share with you their different feelings about certain things. It is equally important to remember not to overload the kid’s schedule with different activities, since kids require free time more than filled up time with extra-curricular activities.

Parents sooner or later have to allow their kids to take the responsibility of their own education. According to Dalton Miller-Jones, Professor of Psychology parents should make the children responsible for their achievement and collapse. The parents should demonstrate them how attractive the learning is, and that the incentive for learning something should be the child’s inherent interests, not a reward from outside. Cheering a child to discover something innovative is very helpful to develop their inquisitiveness for novel things. Learning mutually helps out kids in becoming more confident and comfortable in learning how to fix the problem of mistakes. It better gets them ready to decide and right the mistake.

The children with more parental care are likely to show certain characteristics. Firstly, they are less absent from school. Secondly, they behave better than the other neglected children. Thirdly, they do better academically all through their school life. Finally, they become so neat and smart in appearance that they are acceptable in all the social standing. Research also proves that the environment at home persuades education even more important than the income of the parents, level of education, or the cultural background.

Discussion with your kids regarding the development of a positive outlook in the direction of fitness is very important. Talk with your kids about health according to their level of age. Shaping healthy eating habits from premature age is essential since you would like your child to be in hale and hearty. Bad habits are tough to break, so your kids should be taught do’s and dont’s of healthy living. For example, your child should learn to clean their hands before intaking of food and after using the bathrooms, brush their teeth two times daily, choose healthy foods, etc. Above all, the parents should advise their children how to deal with the hard situations with their soft touch of filial love to avoid the same situation happening once again.

To sum up, the parents as the most excellent teachers, enlighten the children far more than they can anticipate. In fact, many favor friends or teacher, but, nearly every one of them rather wants to return to home, only for the reason that parents are the closest and the dearest friends of all for the prolonged period of life. They will open their arms, embrace the kids and encourage them when they are in a dilemma and in a predicament.

Source by Mily Ghosh

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