The Heart of A Woman: Xiomara Manaiza

The heart of a woman

It is filled of love

In you, the world lives

Give me love

Take me to your heart

It is the only place, I feel at peace

Your smile brings joy

I can see your pure love

You live to give life through your womb

We are here on Earth because of you

Life is what it is

Without you, there is no life

My existence is because of my mother

Our beingness came from a woman

Whether we accept it or not, it is an undebatable fact


The heart of a woman

It is the greatest gift on Earth

From the leadership of the Victorian Age all the way to the rise of Women’s Rights

From the essence of Queen Elizabeth I to the courage of Rosa Parks, Mother of The Modern Civil Rights of Movement

Women are still the designers of a just world for everyone.

The heart of a woman

It is life’s best creation

From the faith of Mother Theresa to the beauty of Princess Diana

From the boldness of Victoria Woodhull to the eminence of Hillary Clinton

Women ought to be honored and sooner than later even in the United States of America will be governed by a Madam President VERY, VERY, VERY SOON in the 21st Century to create a More Perfect Union for all.

The heart of a woman

It is the humblest expression of God

From the leadership of Harriet Tubman through The Underground Railroad all the way to the voice of authenticity of Oprah Winfrey

From the rise of Voting Rights of 1965 all the way to the global leadership of women even in the White House by Michelle Obama

Women are the ones that shape an ideal society under the kindness and love of God


Your words are medicine to my soul

In you, there is only tenderness

You are my mother, my aunt, my grandmother, daughter, and wife

You are everything a man wants

Your vulnerability makes you stronger

Your sensibility defines your power

You are me

I am you

Without you, there is no life

I feel your hurts

When your heart is broken

Let our pain be healed by God

You’re not alone

In your loneliness, you have company

Open, your heart my woman to see the glory of God inside you


Source by Jose Manaiza

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