Suleiman the Magnificent – A Legendary Lover How Did He Do It!

Suleiman the Magnificent was a legendary lover but how did he maintain such a strong libido?

This article will let you know some of his secrets and some of the colorful history that surrounded his life including classic sexual positions that have stood the test of time and are renowned for providing both partners with sexual satisfaction.

He ruled the Ottoman Empire from 1520 to 1566, and was said to have made love daily at least twice to five times right up until his death until his death.

How did he do it? Is it myth?

Doubtful it was only myth as his sexual prowess was well known as well as his military might and his refinement of the Law.

In spite of his great love for his Roxelana (a Russian slave that became his first wife and Queen mother), he was a daily visitor to his harem, and in fact, spent most of his days there.

To keep so many women happy, or at least to try, Suleiman had to be in great physical shape, and also an expert in the art of lovemaking.

According to much literature written about him, as well as traditional well known stories (told in Turkey and other parts of the once all-powerful Ottoman empire)

Suleiman’s diet & exercise regime

Suleiman followed a daily routine of martial exercise (usually horse riding with the use of weapons), fencing, and then hours in his hamam (steam bath) a combination of physical exertion combined with adequate rest in between and a special diet to keep his libido strong.

His diet was rich is pistacio nuts, and honey, but an hour before entering the harem for sex he would eat a specially spiced honey with 41 herbs.

The recipe was kept secret, and to reveal it meant death for the proto-pharmacists who concocted it for him. Many of these herbs have been covered in our other articles but the essence of his diet was to eat raw foods full of nutrients

Today alas we tend to eat processed foods and lack energy in times gone by this was not so and the lesson is to eat as “naturally from the earth” as possible and avoid processed foods. Energy was provided y good carbs such as brown rice an excellent food and meat was lean and plentiful with an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables.

It is said also the Suleiman’s physicians advised him to daily eat fresh eggs with white bread, which will aid in sperm production, increase of libido, and sexual prowess.

Suleiman’s sexual preferences, according to letters written by Roxelana, were the third, eighth and a special position called Doc-al-arz, from the Arab Classic, The Perfumed Garden.

The Yawning Position (3rd from the Perfumed Garden)

The woman lies on her back, lifting her left leg halfway to her chest.

The man does not lie, but suspends himself between her lifted and laying leg, supporting him with outstretched arms and is actually on his knees.

He enters the woman, and gives a strong thrusting movement. This is a great clitoral and g-spot stimulation posture, and if the man is truly vigorous, he can bring a great deal of satisfaction to himself and his partner.

The 8th Position from the Perfumed Garden

The woman lies prone (on her stomach) with her legs apart.

The man then enters her from the rear, but his legs are, instead of between the woman’s, outside them (at least one leg is; the other is between the woman’s two legs).

The man is resting on his knees, but is not laying on top of the woman, but is having his torso straight, resting his outstretched arm on the woman’s neck or shoulder. The man trusts vigorously, using hip motion. The woman will be in ecstasy very quickly, and should experience a profound orgasm.

Doc-al-Arc (Pounding on the spot). Suleiman’s Most Favorite

The man sits on the edge of the bed. The woman sits on the man’s lap, facing him (this is most important), and wraps her legs around his waste.

The man enters her, and keeps his penis fully inserted at all times. The trusting is done by rotational movement, and the woman doing a kind go grind (as seen in belly dancing), pushing and rubbing her vulva and thus clitoris against the man’s pubis area.

Orgasm comes very quickly and profoundly to the woman, and if the man can control his own climax, the woman will have the opportunity at multiple orgasms.

What can you learn from this?

Well a lot actually! The reason Suleiman maintained such a strong libido was down to good diet and exercise now you don’t have to workout like he did but exercise and a diet of natural foods with potent herbs will keep libido strong.

The sexual positions above are from classic literature of the day and have been known throughout history to provide great satisfaction for both partners, so try them and see!

Source by Sacha Tarkovsky

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