Scared of ADD and ADH Meds: ADD and ADH Solution Without Drugs

Scared Your Child has ADD or ADH? Scared of prescription Side Effects? If so, you are not alone. There is good cause to be concerned: it is your baby and side effects can be harsh at times. So if this is true for your family, why not try some ways that are proven to help not only children but also adults focus better. Is it guaranteed, of course not because every person is different, but then again prescriptions are NOT guaranteed either.

Before finding a solution to your child’s focus problem, you must first find the cause. Carefully read below the 2 critical factors that affect a child’s focus and mental abilities?

1. Environment – Chemicals in our environment deter your child from focusing because they overload and interact negatively with the child’s neurons; therefore affecting the ability to focus and learn. Furthermore, constant stimulation also affects the child’s focus because the brain is somewhat on overload. It can only process so much and the chemicals and unnecessary stimulations are stopping the necessary learning to occur. This causes the child to become frustrated and focus even less.

  • Chemicals in cleaners are a huge culprit in overloading their little bodies and interfering with learning. Not only do these chemicals cause neurological disruption but they also can cause physical problems with their lungs and other organs.

2. Nutrition – Nutrition is a big factor in a child’s health. In a world where the french fry is the #1 vegetable for children we are sacrificing our child’s nutrition for convenience and instant taste pleasure. Every single thing that goes in your baby – young adults mouth is being used for a purpose – the purpose needs to be healthy growth not confusion and chemical overload for the body. That is why natural and pure is the safest food for children.

  • Don’t fall for these gimmicks of ‘sugar free’ or caffeine free’ and never give your child useless addictive drinks such as pop or even worse some unhealthy energy drink. Children are born with their very own natural energy. Don’t help them become addicted to the things that adults are trying to wean away from.
  • Preservatives – go for the simple meats that aren’t processed loaded with more chemicals. These only cause the child’s body to have to filter out more garbage. That means more work for the liver, the kidneys, and the spleen.

Now that we know what to stay away from. What should we do to helping our precious child with ADD or ADH?

1. Remove any chemicals that we can from the child’s environment. First, switch your cleaners to nontoxic, safe green cleaners. If you can, do the same for your child’s school or at least his/her classroom.

2. Maximize the Nutrition your child is consuming. You can do this 2 ways.

First, eliminate the products your child is currently consuming that is hurting them – processed foods (deli meats etc unless no nitrates/no nitrites; no artificial sugars; no caffeine etc). It is easiest to switch to something else your child will be excited about. If you child is old enough, let the child help you pick from a list of healthy choices or help prepare the food. My children started doing this around age of 2 if not younger. As they get older, they of course, can do more. Children love foods that THEY create.

Second, add high quality supplements that are 100% designed for your child’s needs. We recommend a multi vitamin with lactoferrin, an omega that contains ultra-pure DHA and omega 3 fatty acids. Ultra-pure is critical because omega supplements have a high contamination rate on the market because many fish have mercury and other harmful chemicals in them. We certainly don’t want to give your children supplements that can hurt them. That is also why, you should not give certainly omega supplements to children that have fish allergies either. Another important nutritional item for children is that they need to be eating 3-5 balanced small meals a day. Breakfast should NEVER be skipped!

To summarize, to help a child with ADD or ADH to excel you want to do the following:

  1. Limit the amount of “bad stimuli” around your child – these chemicals come in many forms – chemicals, cleaners, food, loud noises, etc). Replace them with ‘healthy stimuli” like nontoxic cleaners, pure foods, soothing sounds etc.
  2. Increase the child’s nutrition by choosing foods that are less processed or better yet, not processed; eliminating poisonous, addictive foods’ – like pops, coffee, sugary drinks and choose milk and filtered water (this is not bottled water in most cases) and 100% juice on occasion is OK too; and adding a healthy safe supplement. We recommend companies that have been around a long time (over 50 years) that have not had numerous recalls. Only choose a company that uses at least double blinded peer reviews so the studies aren’t bias.

The best thing of all is that these basic tips not only work for children with ADD and ADH but for all children PLUS adults. These tips will teach your children lifesaving habits forever.

Source by Barb Lulay

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