Ring a Ring a Roses, A Pocket Full of Posies

Effective 1st Apr 2010, nearly 200 million children living in this elephant like (mammoth, lumbering, sturdy) vibrant nation called India, can quiet literally sing along on the tunes of the folksong “Ring A Ring A Roses.” On this April Fools day, the government of India spins out a decree making the Right to Education (RTE) a fundamental right of every child.

It is indeed a whopping project undertaken by the administration, which promises free and compulsory education as a right of every child of this nation whose age group spans between 6-14yrs. This initiative will beget equality and diversity amongst children irrespective of sex, religion, standard of living, or status in society.

Quality Education for all

The Prime Minister of India makes the RTE act an important part of his agenda and takes the lead to announce the proceedings of the act, enforcing it upon the nation saying, “The Right to Education Act (RTE) will realize the dreams of many children across the nation and it is a key to progress and empowerment of the children to become better citizens of the nation.”

Spread the word to fight illiteracy

The enactment of the law is finally done, and now it is the role of not only the government to facilitate smooth roll-out of the project. But, we as citizens of this country and guardians of our children need to do our little bit as well. When I spoke to a few people like my vegetable vendor, the milkman, my domestic help, and the office boys, I received a glowing response from each one of them. Every parent and guardian – rich or poor – wants their child to go to school to get their share of education. Underprivileged parents and families from the backward class also have dreams synonymous to the families from the elite class…it is a hope of giving the best education to their children and helping them realize their dreams. But their financial condition mostly comes as a bottleneck towards fulfilling their dreams.

Socialistic ideologies pertinent in segments of society

Detractors from the elite class of society argue saying that 25% reservations in private schools will eat up their share of seats. They may be absolutely correct when they say that ‘Reservation’ is a bad word and that it shouldn’t be used to violate the rights of others. However, you cannot pigeonhole this act on the same parity as the quotas chalked out for women in Parliament, scheduled caste and scheduled tribes, or for religious minorities.

These are reservations for children who have the same nationality, who are ambitious, who have the merit and the IQ to move ahead in life, who want to flaunt their own house and car when they grow up, who want to be treated as equals, and who want to speak the global language that the world speaks today….So why not give them a chance!! We need to mull over the nitty-gritty’s of this act and support the children of this nation in receiving quality education across the board. Rich or poor….girl or boy…majority or minority, it should be education for all.

In the same vein, the Indian government needs to do wonders with Health care in India. Medical Insurance to each and every citizen of this country should be made mandatory and should be moderately sponsored by the government.

Come one, Come All…

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