Rescue 1122 safely evacuates baby from commode

RAHIM YAR KHAN             –             Rescue 1122 rescuers safely evacuated a baby from commode after an hour-long operation after a four-year-old baby protested for not letting him out of the home during the lockdown. As per details at around 9 am on Wednesday Rescue 1122 was informed that a child has been locked in a commode on Thali Road and was also in danger.  Rescue 1122 personnels arrived at the child’s house with the necessary machinery and immediately broke the floor and also broke the commode  through the machine very slowly and took the baby out safely, said the child’s father, Mohammad Rafiq.  However, in spite of the dangers of the coronavirus, he did not let the baby out, which he had trapped himself in a commode. At that the father of the child advised other parents to look after their children during the coronavirus lockdown. 


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