Religious political parties join hands with govt to support poor people

ISLAMABAD                –             The religious political parties of Pakistan besides guiding the nation spiritually regarding how to follow the guidelines of the government in order to avoid the outbreak of Covid-19 in the country have also join hands to support the government in serving the poor people and providing them with the food and other daily routine stuff.

The Jamaat e Islami’s Al-Khidmat Foundation has been fully mobilized and is playing a leading role in creating awareness about Covid-19, providing relief to the affected community and extending healthcare facilities to the victims.

The organization has already put all its facilities, services and volunteers at the government’s disposals. Its volunteers have also been active in around the country.

The Al Khidmat Foundation has also distributed hundreds of thousands of food packets in poor people and has offered the government to use their hospitals as quarantine centres.

It is important to mention here that the volunteer services of Al Khadmit Foundation have greatly been hailed by the government and society as they in tough time have always served the humanity and supported the government.

On the other hand the Chief of Jamiat ulema e Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) has also directed the provincial leadership of JUI-F to cooperate with the provincial administration in helping and supporting the poor and affected people.

He in his video statement has said that the workers should work beyond the politics and should cooperate the government institutions in order to serve the nation without any delay.

The JUI-F further stated that he had directed the JUI-F’s Ansar ul Islam a volunteer group of over fourthy thousands to come out of their homes and be a helping hand of the government institutions.

Besides, helping the concern authorities in providing support to the people JUI-F along with Sheikh Zakria Welfare Trust have been distributing the food stuff in poor families in Islamabad.

The food stuff was distributed in Bara Kaho region of Islamabad among 300 poor families and in 300 families in Kot Hatyal region of Islamabad which is completely locked down by the administration due to the threat of coronavirus.

On the occasion, Mufti Owais the vice president of JUI-F Islamabad told The Nation that they were working along with the authorities in order to help the poor and needy people. He stated that they will continue working until this outbreak is ended.


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