Ravish Your Lover With Dirty Talking And Dirty Conversation Tonight For Mind Blowing Sex

One way for a man to really get into his strong masculine energy is to use dirty talking and dirty conversation in bed to really ravish a woman.

Most women crave to be taken with a strong man. You only have to read any romantic literature to see what a woman wants. She wants to be swept off her feet, pushed against a wall or onto a bed and be taken and ravished.

Most men in a relationship become much too nice and have the energy of trying to please in bed. This results in the fact that sex surveys showed that about 80% of married women want chocolate rather than sex. Most guys also would rather go to their favorite sport than have sex.

Follow the tips below and you now have a way to spice up your sex life.

We have seen how a woman wants to be taken. By talking dirty the man will find that he comes across in a much more masculine way. The stronger the energy the man can feel, the more the woman will respond.

She will be turned off when a man asks her what she wants. Most women want a man to lead in sex. He takes charge.

What this results is that a woman can relax. She can surrender to his lead. This allows her to let go more and more.

Her orgasms will be much stronger and the energy and sexual vibe will be much more effortless.

Dirty talking is the best way to really increase the sexual energy for a lot of women. To start, describe what you want to do to her in a lot of detail. Include your feeling in this dirty conversation.

Do not to use words like penis and clitoris but the bad 4 letter words.

Source by Maurice Tate

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