Punjab ready to fight other provinces’ war: Maryam

BAHAWALPUR/MULTAN – PML-N leader Maryam Nawaz Sharif Sunday said that the Punjab province is ready to ‘fight the war’ of the other province.

While addressing an anti-government protest rally in Bahawalpur she claimed, “Punjab has risen and is ready to take back its rights. She said the rights of the province were stolen by the incumbent government.

The PML-N vice president addressed the rally at Bahawalpur’s Seraiki Chowk. She also chanted slogans against as she responded the crowd during her speech.

She asked what would happen if she redirects (her supporters) to Islamabad. The fake prime minister would find no place to hide, she asserted. “The day PDM resigns from the assemblies, will be the end of the government.” She said that Punjab was taunted for not standing up for others and other provinces would say that unless Punjab stands up, things will not change. Listen here, she said, not only Punjab has risen, it is ready to take back the rights it has been robbed of.

Addressing the rally, PDM president Fazlur Rehman said Prime Minister Imran’s statement that he had the backing of the army was an “admission that he does not have the backing of the people.”

He said the government members were awaiting news of differences within the PDM after its meeting earlier this week, but were they were left mourning after the opposition leaders spoke with one voice.

Also, he accused the government of having failed to control inflation and stalling CPEC projects, saying the national growth rate had gone negative due to the its “incompetence”.


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