PSB launches tele-health services for athletes

Lahore                  –               The COVID-19 outbreak has prompted suspension of numerous sporting events around the world. Keeping in view the given circumstances, the Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) has taken initiative in the form of providing telecom services to keep the players active while they are stranded at home and has launched a tele-health service to combat the corona threat, through the country’s most popular messaging service i.e. Whatsapp and also through social media including Facebook and official PSB website.

According to PSB spokesperson here Wednesday, all the users particularly athletes can reach out to this helpline service for getting credible information, awareness, knowledge about the fitness methods and exercises to be performed in doors while keeping up good health. +923345492964 and +923005340725 are the official numbers to be contacted in this regard.

In order to reach out to the helpline services, the citizens should have the whatsapp no given above. They can text and seek information regarding general psychological and health conditions, fitness goals and also about daily dietary needs. In turn, they will receive verified information in the form of text or video through the numbers provided.

“The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that an average person should get 2.5 hours of moderate or 1.5 hours of intense exercise every week, but with PSB gym and sports facilities closed due to COVID-19, it has taken this initiative to provide online coaching services to the athletes to help them maintain their health and fitness,” said PSB DG Amna Imran.

“I think that it definitely is still possible to keep a really solid fitness regimen going because at the end of the day, it’s just about your fitness goals, no matter how you’re achieving, at home or in gym does not matter,” she said.

While demonstrating various exercises that can be easily performed at home, the PSB physiotherapist said: “There are numerous exercises you can do at home with minimal to no equipment to get a full body workout. Hence through these tele rehabilitation services not only awareness would be created among the general public about staying fit, but those suffering from mild to moderate injuries would also be provided all information that how they can safely deal with such issues at home.

“Apart from physical fitness needs, athletes need to also pay attention to their nutritional and dietary needs, as they are now staying at home, therefore can face changes in their activity levels. Getting a balanced mix of all three macronutrients i.e. carbohydrates, fats and proteins is as important for the players as is for anyone else because each serves an important purpose in the body. Hence, through this online coaching athletes would be guided as to what they are supposed to eat and what not to,” said the DG.

“The initiative taken by the PSB is definitely something to be reckoned with. These services that are being provided through the online coaching will reach out to every single individual no matter where they are living. Initiation of more such steps is the need of the hour for the general awareness of the public and also to fight successfully against this unknown enemy,” she added.

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