Poor Literature Can Mislead Readers

Writing has always been an excellent form of communication even since ancient times. The ancient Egyptians were the first culture to develop literature as they wrote their knowledge on mediums such as papyrus, walls, pyramids and obelisks. The majority of ancient Egyptian literature mostly revolved around education and instructions rather than entertainment. Those that have existed for entertainment were stories, myths and biographies of deceased leaders.

Today, literature exists in a collection or set of written, printed, illustrated or blank sheets that are made of paper or other various material that are fastened together. We call this medium a book and each sheet within it is called a page. Literature is not limited to physical forms though. Informative writing can also be found in the Internet where numerous writers create blogs or articles that serve as references for the public on various criteria. Seeing as the Internet is the modern world’s information superhighway, it should be noted that many people get their data here. That is why it is important for writers to provide correct and proper information in order to avoid misleading the audience.

Some of the problems that plague writers are improper writing styles, confusing formats and incorrect grammar. For a written articles to be effective, writers should learn how to deliver their write ups in a correct manner. Many amateur writers make the mistake in trying to create informative articles but end up confusing or misleading their audience. Gibberish such as this can mostly be found in personal blogs and websites. There are also a few commercial websites that fail to deliver the proper way on how to sell their products and services to their customers.

Proper writings should be able to focus on the reader, be brief and concise, should be free from grammar and spelling errors and should avoid too much hype on the statements. Unless a person is writing for their private journal or diary, any other literature should be made to effectively communicate to the readers.

Source by Ralph Caruso

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