Petroleum House closed as 3rd corona case reported

ISLAMABAD                   –                 The government has closed down the Petroleum Division (Ministry of Energy) located in Pak Secretariat as well as three floors of Petroleum House after a third case of coronavirus was detected among the officials of the Petroleum Division and its attached departments.

“The competent authority has been pleased to direct all officers/officials housed at third floor of A Block and officers/officials housed at first three floors of Petroleum House to work from home for 14 and 15 April.

The office will resume from April 16,” said an office order issued here Monday.

Within less than a week a third case of coronavirus was detected in one of the Section Officer of the Petroleum Division, official source told The Nation.

The source said that two days ago an official of the Petroleum division had complained of chest congestion and problem in breathing and he was sent home.

Last week, two officials of the Ministry of Energy (Petroleum Division) and its attached departments were tested positive for coronavirus.

The official was working as a Deputy Director in the Minerals Wing.

Regarding the officer of the Petroleum Division, the spokesman said that he was posted in Petroleum House situated at G5 Islamabad.

The Petroleum Division is housed in Block A of Pak Secretariat while the Petroleum House is a nine-storey building where five Directorate Generals of Petroleum Division including DG Gas, DG Oil, DG LGs, DGPC, DG Admin, Mineral Wing are housed in first three floors while the government-owned companies including GHPL, PLDL, PLL and ISGL are housed in the remaining floors. Hundreds of staff working in the DGs and companies are daily using the same elevators.

Regarding the official of the OGDCL, a source said that during a routine scanning process one of the official of the company was detected with fever a week ago and he was sent to home. The source said that the official later was tested positive in NIH.

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