People urged to stay at homes to control corona

PESHAWAR – Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister for Housing Dr. Amjad Ali has said that coronavirus is spreading very rapidly in the world and till date thousands of people have died due to this virus.

The minister said that spread of virus in Pakistan was in its early stage, therefore, if people acted upon government’s directions, the epidemic could be controlled and precious lives could be saved.

He said that people should restrict their activities, and cooperate with government by restricting themselves to homes.

He said the next two weeks are very crucial in terms of spread of coronavirus and its control.

Therefore, it is very important that the people should fully cooperate with the government during this period.

Dr. Amjad was of the view that people in Swat were fully cooperating with the government and that’s why the percentage of coronavirus affected people was very low in this area.

The Minister said that he has started the provision of basic food items to daily wagers and labourers of his constituency, the distribution of which is carried out by volunteers’ committees made at the Union Council level.

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