People of less developed areas yet to get cash relief

ISLAMABAD                         –                 Although almost half of the money under the Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program has been disbursed among the deserving families, the residents of the less developed areas of the country particularly from Baluchistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are yet to get benefit of this initiative.

The government has disbursed around Rs 72.85 billion among 5955963 families but in some tehsils of less developed districts across Pakistan the number of the beneficiaries is only one, reveals the official data.

The government is currently distributing assistance of Rs 12000 per individual amongst the two categories of Ehsaas Emergency cash program but some of the marginalized tehsils of the country seem to have been ignored in the first two categories of the cash distribution. In tehsil Pabbi, district Nowshera, only 742 beneficiaries are enrolled. In Tehsil Tribal areas  adjusant to (TA ADJ) Bannu the number of total beneficiaries are only 3, Ismail Zai tehsil, 14, T.A. ADJ. Lakki Marwat 55, Tehsil Makin South Waziristan 2, Tehsil Central District South Orakzai Agency 604 beneficiaries, Tehsil Jandool District Lower Dir only 2 beneficiaries, Thesil Birmil District South Waziristan 1 beneficiary, Tehsil Behrain, District Swat 44, Katlang, District Mardan has only 12 beneficiaries, Tiarza, South Waziristan only 5 beneficiaries, Tehsil Serwekai, District South Waziristan 6, Tehsil Jandola, District TA ADJ Tank has only 1 beneficiary, Tehsil T A ADJ Bannu, district Bannu  2 beneficiaries, Upper Kurram, District Mohammad, 1 beneficiary, Khal Upper Dir has 20 beneficiaries,

Similarly, T A ADJ Kohat has 1381 beneficiaries, T.A. ADJ. Lakki Marwat 196, Tehsil Havelian, District Abbottabad 220, Tehsil Halimzai Mohammand 1939 beneficiaries, Tehsil Yake Ghund 1711 beneficiaries, Tehsil Jandola District Tank 1473, Tehsil Upper District Orakzai 498, Tehsil Upper Mohmand district Mohammand Agency 1128.

The number of beneficiaries from the less developed divisions of Balochistan is far less than in KP. In Tehsil Mach,  District Kachhi, the number of the beneficiaries is 3, Rakhshan (Besima) SUB-District Washuk 1 beneficiary, Dhadar Sub district Jhal Magsi 1,  Dobandi district Killa Abdullah 78, Karakh District Khuzdar 336, Tehsil Qamardin Karez District Zhob 130

Mawand Sub, District Kohlu 495 beneficiaries, Tehsil Mangochar District Kalat 1426, Tehsil Kohlu sub district Kohlu 1144, Tehsil Sanni Sub-Jhal Magsi only one and no one received, Tehsil Mawand District Kohlu 250, Tehsil Sui, District, Dera Bugti 1676, Tehsil Ornach Dist Khuzdar 1574. In Tehsil Jhal Jao, District Awaran 480 are eligible beneficiaries while only 75 have received the money so far. Tehsil Nal District Khuzdar 1178, Tehsil Bhag District Lehri 1486, Jhal Magsi district Jhal Magsi 766, Tehsil Surab District Kalat 1097, Tehsil Sinjawi Sub-district Ziarat 622, Taftan Sub District Chagai 192, Nushki sub District Chaghi 12, Awaran Sub- District Awaran 312, Tehsil Kanraj Sub-District Lasbela 502, Tehsil Dera Bugti Sub-District Dera Bugti 1550, Tehsil Balanari District Kachhi 379, Gichk district Panjgur 125, Tehsil BORI District Loralai 1288, Dhadar district Kachhi 1291, Tehsil Phelawagh District Dera Bugti 256, Karezat district 1400, Tehsil Jhat Pat Sub-District Nasirabad 5, Tehsil Ormara District Gwadar 1516, Tehsil Mand Sub-Distt Kech 625, Tehsil Bhag Sub Distt Jhal Magsi 4, Tehsil Musakhel sub district Loralai 13 beneficiaries, Tehsil Lehri District Lehri 609, Mastung District Mastung 1227, Gandawa district Jhal Magsi 877, Mashkai Sub District Awaran 303, Liari Distt Lasbella 194, Sambaza Distt Zhob 350 only  7 received, Dera Bugti 1008, Haramzai District Pishin 1, Khattan District Kachhi 279, Nokundi Distt Chaghi 481, Panj Pai Distt Qutta 204, Nag Distt Washuk 121, Saroona Distt Khuzdar 465, Kashatoo Distt Zhob 31, Nokkundi Distt Chaghi 682, Washuk Distt Washuk 1733, Shahrig Distt Harnai 710, Kakar Khurasan Sub-distt zhob 786, Buleda Sub-Distt Kech 1189, Muslim Bagh Killa Saifullah 1050, Mashkai Distt Awaran 1077, Lakhra Distt Lasbella 955, Sibbi Tehsil 1458, Mach Distt Kachhi 534, Pir Koh Distt Dera Bugti 795, Usta Mohammad Sub Distt Nasirabad 8, Jhal Jhao Distt Awaran 317, Dureji Distt Lasbella 1280, Saranan Distt Pishin 29, Sanhri Distt Sohbatpur 1065, MUSAKHEL 1511, Awaran 1470, Dasht Distt Mastung 178, Gulistan Distt Killa Abdullah 377, Kanraj Distt Lasbella 368, Quetta City Sub-District Quetta 3, Shahoo Garhi Distt Washuk 395, Kalat distt Jalat 1720 only 320 beneficiaries, Korak Jhao Distt Awaran 316, Zehri distt Khuzdar 1437, Besima Distt Washuk 214, Kirdgap Distt Mastung 83, Subtihmulk Distt Kharan 197, Gowargo Distt Panjgur 45, Kingri Distt Musakhel 230, Kohlu Distt Kohlu 655, Dasht Sub-Distt Mastung 354, Gulistan Sub-distrr Killa Saifullah 1428, Parome Ditt Panjgur 39, Khoast Distt Harnai 15, Tehsil Tamboo distt Nasirabad 1104, Sar Kharan Distt Kharan 55, Gishkore Awaran 292, Johan Distt Kalat 48, Loi Band Killa Saifullah 57, Tehsil Chattar Distt Nasirabad 1524, Drug Ditt Musakhel 411, Jaheen Proom Distt Pangur 42, Sherani Sub Distt Zhob 6, Buleda Distt Kech 718, Moola Distt Khuzdar 209, Grisani Distt Kohlu 1379, Tehsil Baba Kot Ditt Nasirabad 275, Ashwat Distt Zhob 167, Upper Zhob Sub- Distt Killa Saifullah 533, Dureji Sub Distt Lasbella 1467, Suntser Distt Gwadar 321, Chaman Distt Killa Abdullah 1613, Mirpur Distt Jhal Magsi 66, Ziarat Distt ZIarat 987, Khad Kocha Distt Mastung 235, Barshore Distt Pishin 570 and Taftan Distt Chagai has 216 beneficiaries.

In Sindh: FAIZ GANJ Distt Sanghar has 1 beneficiary, Hussain Bux Marri Distt Mirpur Khas 26, Qambar Ali Khan Distt Larkan 2, Matiari Distt Hyderabad 2, Saddar Karachi 4, Karo Chaan Distt Sajawal 83, Dadu Distt Hyderabad 1 and Sehwan Sharif Distt Dadu has 1 beneficiary.

In Punjab, Kot Radha Kishan Distt Kasur has 818 beneficiaries, Aroop Town Distt Gujranwala 487, Gujranwala Saddar Distt Gujranwala 330, Khiali Shah Pur Town Distt Gujranwala 677, Qila Dedar Singh Town Distt Gujranwala 677, Rajanpur Tribal area Distt Rajanpur 6, Shaker Garh Distt Narowal 26, Chiniot Distt Jhang 8, Allama Iqbal Town Distt Lahore 237, Lahore 78, 18-Hazari Distt Jhan 360, Qaidabad Distt Khushab 563, Faisalabad 4, Nandi Pur Town Distt Gujranwala 262, Lawa Distt Chakwal 443, De-Excluded Area Rajanpur Distt Rajanpur 1.

In AJK: Khui-Ratta Distt Kotli 114, Athmuqam Distt Muzaffarabad 9 and Athmuqam Distt Muzaffarabad has 292 beneficiaries,

In GB: Nagar Sub- Gilgit 1, Darel/Tangir Sub- Distt Diamir 818 And Daghoni Distt Ghanche 752 beneficiaries.

The scribe has contacted Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Poverty Alleviation and Social Safety, Dr. Sania Nishtar for her comments but she didn’t reply. However, in a statement issued here it was clarified that the people in the categories 1 and 2 were added under the 2010 survey. The third category which is to start in a week time the funds will be distributed on the basis of population.


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