PAF plane brings more equipment from China to fight corona

ISLAMABAD – With the help of National Disaster Management Au­thority (NDMA), another flight arrived at the Islam­abad Airport bringing additional equipment from China to fight and eradicate the pandemic of covid19.

The equipment came in a special aircraft of Paki­stan Air Force IL-76.

According to a press release by NDMA, the aircraft brought equipment which included three types of kits. The flight brought fifty thousand Viral Transport Media (VTM) kits. VTM is a transport medium specifi­cally designed to transport the virus in its active form, for further laboratory examination and evaluation.

The second type of kit which the flight has brought is Nucleic Acid Extraction kits which cover a full range of sample throughput needs – from single-prep manual solutions through benchtop automation to plate-based systems compatible with robotic liquid handlers.

The third type is bio testing kits which numbered 91 in total. Apart from these three types of kits, the aircraft also brought fifty thousand N-95 face masks and 20 Bio Safety Cabinet.

The NDMA says that there is no shortage of testing kits in the country.

Lately, talking to a private news channel, NDMA Chairman Lieutenant General Muhammad Afzal said around 800,000 coronavirus testing kits are availa­ble at the present in the country.

The chairman said 50 laboratories are working across the country while 18 more laboratories would be functional by the end of this month. He said the NDMA is making arrangements to provide medical equipment to the provinces and procured 850,000 testing kits since the outbreak of the pandemic.

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