NATO convenes bloc’s Foreign Ministers’ meeting to revise various dimensions of alliance: Jens

The NATO Foreign Ministers’ session will take place via a videolink due to the global coronavirus crisis that has already left 860,170 people infected and 42,344 dead, prompting nations to take drastic measures to contain its spread.

NATO Secretary Jens Stoltenberg is addressing the press in Brussels a day ahead of the North Atlantic Council’s Foreign Ministers’ meeting.

The gathering comes as North Macedonia has become the latest nation to join the alliance.

The meeting is expected to be held via a video conference due to the coronavirus outbreak, that originated in China in December 2019 and went on to become a global pandemic.

NATO chief appoints experts for reflection process to strengthen political alliance

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg on Tuesday appointed a group of experts to study ways to further strengthen political dimension of the alliance, as it was agreed in the Leaders’ Meeting in London last year.

Turkey’s Ambassador Tacan Ildem will be among the group of five male and five female experts from other allied countries.

The group “will offer recommendations to reinforce Alliance unity, increase political consultation and coordination between Allies, and strengthen NATO’s political role,” said a NATO statement.

“The group will engage with Allied capitals and the North Atlantic Council, NATO’s decision making body, and other relevant stakeholders,” it added.

It will jointly be co-chaired by Thomas de Maiziere of Germany and Wess Mitchell of the U.S.

The other members of the group include Greta Bossenmaier from Canada, Anja Dalgaard-Nielsen from Denmark, Hubert Vedrine from France, Marta Dassu from Italy, Herna Verhagen from the Netherlands, Anna Fotyga from Poland, and John Bew from the U.K.

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