Large US military convoy enters northeast Syria from Iraq

A large U.S. military convoy entered northeastern Syria on Monday, bringing with them extensive reinforcements and huge supplies.

The U.S. military entered Syria’s Al-Hasakah Governorate from neighboring Iraq, making their way to the Al-Malikiyah District near the border crossing in North eastern region of Syria and North western area of Iraqi Kurdistan.

A source in the area told local newspaper (Al-masdar) that numerous U.S., vehicles entered the Al-Walid Crossing before making their way to the airbase in the Al-Malikiyah District of Al-Hasakah.

Despite withdrawing most of their forces from northern Syria in recent months, the U.S. military continues to divert resources to directly re-assert control of some of the bases they constructed in the Al-Hasakah Governorate, specifically, the installations near the oil fields.

Most of the U.S. troops in Syria have been redeployed to the eastern region of the country since January 2020, where they currently control the largest oil field in the country.

The events in Syria and Iraq has gained significance due to existence of oilfields amidst the oil price wars between Saudi Arab and Russia. The criticism of US President Trump on OPEC’s policy gained pace as America is considering to cut oil imports. Secondly, the role of Iran has drastically reduced while US-UAE conducted military exercises in the Gulf region. In the spat between Iran and US, another Iranian commander has been killed in Lebanon. 

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