IHC bars Naeem Bukhari from resuming duties as chairman PTV

The Islamabad High Court on Thurday has barred PTI leader Naeem Bukhari from resuming duties as chairman of the Pakistan Television Network (PTV).

A single bench led by IHC Chief Justice Athar Minallah made the decision while hearing a set of petitions challenging Bukhari’s appointment citing it a violation of a 2018 Supreme Court decision in a similar case.

In today’s hearing, Justice Minallah questioned if the government had relaxed the age-limit prior to the appointment. To which, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting said two summaries were forwarded to the federal cabinet on November 13 and 26. 

The judge remarked that the federal cabinet did not make a clear decision on relaxing the age limit, adding that Bukhari was a respected figure but “no one was above the law”. 

The ministry representative informed the court that the summaries contended Bukhari to be an experienced and worthy candidate for the post, adding that the federal cabinet had approved the summaries. 

Justice Minallah remarked that the court does not typically interfere in the executive’s decision and directed the ministry to place a revised summary before the federal cabinet in order for it to review its decision.

The hearing was adjourned for two weeks. 

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