Giving Special Attention To The Development Of Poor Children

Nelson Mandela once said, let there be food, water and job for everyone. This target can be achieved only when the basic facilities will be provided. Education is the key to enhance individual development. Every society must aim at working towards child development.

Children are the future, the building blocks of every society, which it must aim to nurture without any biases. If a society is looking forward to a bright future ahead, it can be achieved only by securing a brighter future for the children, no matter from what background they are coming from.

Generally the children of the poor are left out from the child development programs because the economic conditions of their family does not permit them to chase the dreams of getting education or enjoy the school life. They have become

adult because of the responsibilities that are shrugged on their shoulders at a very young age. They have to work at some construction site, roadside food stalls, peddling stuffs at the traffic light or work at some one’s home as maid or servant to supplement the earnings of the family.

The Government of India has taken pro-active measures to ban child labor completely from the country. However, it still exists. It has also started different educational missions/programs like Sarva Sikha Abhiyan, for education of children especially the poor children But in a huge country like India, with over a billion population along with the efforts of the administration, charitable organizations need to come forward to lend hand to work for child welfare, providing free education for poor children.

In October 2006 Baba Amar Singh Ji opened a special education society that works for the welfare of poor children of labourers and others coming from BPL (Below Poverty Line) families.

Source by Sanjeev Jha

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