FBR appeals public to pay taxes on time

ISLAMABAD                  –           The Federal Board of Revenue has appealed to the taxpayers to pay their due taxes in time to increase the funds available with government. The body said that the government will utilize these resources to effectively provide services to the people and will fight the Covid-19 pandemic in a befitting manner.

FBR has further stated that the staff and officers of FBR are performing their duties diligently during the lockdown without fear of viral outbreak in the country. The FBR staff and officers are determined to collect revenue for the government in such difficult times by keeping a safe distance with the taxpayers. However, it is also the responsibility of the taxpayers to pay their due taxes in time because the taxes paid by them would be used by the government to rid the country of this contagious disease and the collected revenue would be utilized on the suffering people who desperately need help at this critical time. FBR is optimistic that the people of Pakistan will respond by showing responsibility and unity.

Meanwhile, FBR stated that in compliance of decision taken by Federal Government to address the grievance of business community, the FBR is in the process of devising a transparent centralized system for issuance of Income Tax, Sales Tax and Duty Drawback refunds to the taxpayers in an expeditious manner.

This process is being undertaken to facilitate the taxpayers across the country. FBR has further explained that the process cannot be made effective unless all the stakeholders extend their full commitment. FBR has said that any complaint regarding Income Tax and Sales Tax may be reported immediately to Member IR Operations on 051-9201561 or E-mail at memberiroperations@fbr,gov.pk.


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