Ebola publications: Case management, infection prevention and control

Case management

Health workers have an obligation to provide the best medical care to improve patient survival, but also to provide symptom relief and palliation when required. In the context of patients with Ebola and other viral haemorrhagic fever diseases, clinical care must be strengthened whilst minimizing the risk of onwards transmission to others, including health workers. It is critical that health workers improve their understanding of the disease and adhere to best practices of infection control at all times (i.e. during and outside of outbreaks).

Ebola guidance

Guidance related to past outbreaks

This page links all WHO technical and general information on Ebola virus disease.

All technical guidance

A one-stop-shop for all relevant guidance on Ebola virus disease by topic.

Online training for Ebola responders

This free online course offers decision-makers and frontline responders an overview of Ebola virus disease and access to e-PROTECT training, intended to help yourself and members of your team from contracting Ebola and prevent further transmission of the disease.

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