DurustDaam app not delivering results

ISLAMABAD                 –             At the time when Islamabad is in a lockdown situation and a state of fear has gripped the residents who are afraid to get out of their houses, DurustDaam mobile application is also not able to deliver the orders of the people at their respective doorsteps.

DurustDaam Mobile Application which was lately launched by the capital’s administration to provide basic and essential commodities at DC rate is not able to deliver despite a large number of orders being placed owing to the current lockdown situation of the city.

Because of the unrest, the delivery bikers are hesitant to go out just like the rest of the residents due to the coronavirus outbreak.

A top administrative official on the condition of anonymity told TheNation that following the outbreak of coronavirus in Islamabad, DurustDaam mobile application is not able to deliver food commodities to the houses in the capital despite huge number of orders being placed.

The official briefed that as people were frightened to get out of their houses, the application was receiving multiple orders everyday but the application was not able to meet the demand of its users.

When asked about the reason, the official stated that most of the bikers hired for the government launched mobile application refused to work in the time when everybody else is staying home for protection from the dreadful virus.

The official further briefed that the authorities were encouraging the delivery bikers to deliver the orders to the respective houses but the bikers were afraid of going out.

On using this application to see if the deliveries were still made or not, this correspondent found that the application was not offering anything at all at the moment. Every option whether it be vegetables, fruits or grocery items, no facility is working at the moment.

This is the time when the authorities must ensure proper functioning of such facilities.

DurustDaam Mobile Application which offers considerably lower rates for the commodities than many normal markets had been recently launched following the prime minister’s direction to mitigate the inflation effects on the daily use commodities for ordinary consumers.

Price hike has been a great concern for the government and the issue was discussed in repeated cabinet meetings. In an exclusive talk with The Nation, Deputy Commissioner (DC) Islamabad told that the commodities were to be sold at the DC rates via this new application and with ensured quality.

However, nowadays vendors are seen in the streets selling the fruits and vegetables to the houses of the capital. The work of the government application is seen to be done by the vendors themselves.

A resident of I-8 stated that vendors carrying carts full of fruits and vegetables were seen in every nook and corner of the capital. He further stated that even vehicles were seen on streets selling fruits and vegetables and people preferred to buy the products from them instead of going to the markets.

Another resident of the capital, Ali Khan, who is also a wholesaler of the I-11 fruit market, stated that during the current days, the market was seen empty. He stressed that the fruitswere rotting as there were no costumers.

Ali said that the fruits which were sold immediately right after their arrival due to the demand were also seen rotting.

He further stated that the vendors of the fruit market had to go to streets in order to sell their vegetables and fruits. The agriculture sector of the country was facing a serious backlash owing to the lockdown of every kind of activity during the days, said Ali.

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