DHO Nowshera tested corona positive

PESHAWAR – District Health Officer DHO Nowshera Dr Gulman Shah, Za­hoor Khan, along with a comput­er operator tested positive for co­rona virus disease (Covid-19) on Wednesday.

Talking to journalists, DHO Dr Gulman Shah said that he him­self felt symptoms of the disease and later he was tested in a public health laboratory Peshawar where he was declared corona positive.

He said that due to very limit­ed resources and frontline work­er, he visited congested streets, health centers, and held meeting with relevant departments like Administration, Local govern­ment and Rescue 1122 regarding pandemic and its control.

He said that he has put himself in isolation and adopted precaution­ary measures. At last he also gave massages to public to avoid gath­erings and adopt social distancing, sanitize their hands as there is in­crease in number of positive cases.

On the other hand, Inspector Gen­eral of Police Khyber Pakhtunkh­wa Dr Sana Ullah Abbasi yesterday through a surveillance chip and drone cameras reviewed police steps against covid-19 in Pesha­war as well as other districts of the province and issued necessary in­structions to the police highups for implementation of the government directives given during Ramadan.

Through the drone cameras, the IGP checked city patrolling po­lice duty points in different parts of Peshawar. Besides this, the IGP also reviewed the duty of police officials on quarantine centers in district Nowshera, Upper Dir, Mansehra, Mardan and Haripur.

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