Beautiful Words – Empowerment and Choice

I am a person that consciously looks for ways to be empowered in a positive way. I have learned that empowerment is a double edged sword as you can empower yourself or be empowered into a weakened state of mind, body, and soul. At the same time you can empower yourself or be empowered to levels of greatness.

Daily I choose to empower myself and allow others to empower me for higher

Daily I choose to provide myself with thoughts that make my mind tingle with excitement, foods that nourish my body, stories and experiences that enrich my soul. Mind, body, and soul I empower towards greatness.

It took a lot of introspection and study to realize that I always have the choice to empower myself for greatness on a daily basis. But, I have noticed that many people, especially women, do not recognize the power of choice and the beauty of positive empowerment. Too often I see people stuck in heavy, depressed states and flooding themselves with foods and media that enables those states without being conscious of what they are doing to themselves.

Right now, I choose to pass on this knowledge to those of you open to receiving it. My ability to choose the positive things in life really came when I understood what the words meant.

So, here are the basic definitions of empowerment and choice.

Webster’s Dictionary:

empowerment –

1 : to give official authority or legal power to [empowered her attorney to act on her behalf]

2 : enable 1a

3 : to promote the self-actualization or influence of [women’s movement has been inspiring and empowering women – Ron Hansen]

choice –

1: the act of choosing : selection finding it hard to make a choice

2: power of choosing : option [you have no choice]

Understanding the above definitions means that when we are depressed and live in feelings of being trapped and unhappiness we have put ourselves there. In essence we have given ourselves the official authority through the power of our own choice to be stuck in the pain. We are truly responsible for how we feel. So, this realization led me to the understanding that I, and everyone on the planet, can give ourselves the official authority through the power of choice to feel good and work towards our success. We can be grateful for any situation if we choose to see the benefits, being poor teaches us the value of small joys in life. Losing a loved one teaches us to value the time we have with our loved ones.

How has this truly helped me change my life and how can it help you?

Simple, understanding the words empowerment and choice puts you in control of how you feel and where you are going in life. I personally choose not to watch the news too often and I am very careful of the TV shows I watch. I choose to fill my life with joyful information. I choose to compliment others and to be in the company of happy people who enjoy life. I choose to let people know what I want in life with the expectation that they may be able to assist me in my journeys.

Think, how are you choosing to empower yourself and to be empowered? Are you choosing daily the life you want or are you letting life choose for you? You have the authority and the power to choose.

I encourage you to fill your life with things that will empower you in a strong and positive manner. This is why so many people love Oprah, John Tesh, and Dr. Phil, because they empower people to new levels of greatness. If you would like assistance in this area, I encourage you to visit [] and join me and some friends for 2 days of positive empowerment for women at the Women’s Empowerment L.A. 2007! The convention will be held in the Long Beach Convention Center in Los Angeles, CA on November 17-18, 2007.

Make the choice to live a positive, joyful life of your choosing!

Source by Andre Carter

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