Apple’s flexible batteries patent hints at foldable iPhone, iPad in making

Apple has filed a patent in the US for flexible batteries, revealing possible plans for foldable iPhones and iPads. The patent information reveals that Apple is looking at different ways to fit battery cells in unusual shapes, such as cylinders, by making the batteries capable of bending and flexing – according to news report in PhoneArena.

“In addition to taking up space, the batteries are also often quite rigid, often making placement of the batteries in portions of a device designed to bend impractical. For this reason, it would be desirable to have a flexible or semi-flexible battery for use with a portable electronic device,” notes the patent documentation.

Rumours of a have popped up on numerous occasions over the past few years. Earlier, Apple had filed for patents for a flexible display with touch sensors and portions that open and close like a book, as well as a flexible iPhone that could be folded in half and grip a person’s clothes.

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According to the consumer survey, more than a third of Apple customers showed interest in paying as much as $600 extra for a

Earlier in 2018, the iPhone-maker had secured a patent for foldable phone that focussed on a flexible hinge and the use of a fabric for its housing.

In other news, Apple is working on its flagship series that is expected to launch later this year. The technology giant is expected to launch four new iPhones under the iPhone 12 series. While nothing is official about the upcoming smartphones, Twitter is trending with a pair of images shared by user Jon Prosser that shows a radical new design of the upcoming iPhone.

Apple has been using a wider notch display on its smartphone since the iPhone X. The notch is going to stay, but its size will reduce drastically in the upcoming model – according to the leaked images.

The first image looks like a photo of a CAD illustration, which are sometimes leaked from Apple’s supply partners. The second image appears to be based on the first schematic, and draws out the details of the hardware housed within the notch, reports MacRumors.

The big change to note is that the speaker, currently placed in the centre of the notch on the iPhone 11, is moved out and into the phone’s top bezel.

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