Adolescence Suicide Teachers Role – Tips To Prevent Part-5

My dear esteem Ezine readers, I will make an endeavor in discussing the role of Teachers in preventing suicide of teenagres. I am sanguine with your support in preventing adolescence suicide. I would concentrate my debate around a few cases of suicide where we have failed as parent, friends and teachers. The suicide of a thirteen year boy in Bangalore in St Thomas School on 09 March 2007 due to mere humiliation is a slap on the face of our education fraternity. How could teachers, who are the role model of society and true symbol of inspiration of life for students, get involved in such a conspiracy due to which a student has to end his life? Whether, it was knowingly or unintentionally resulted in my teenager’s suicide but it is certain that school administration has failed in curbing humiliation of students at all.

How far, we would be able to justify the teacher’s conduct, and in fixing the responsibility of murder under such circumstances is the matter of debate but the brazen culpability of his class teacher’s carelessness is unambiguous. The suicide note left by the unfortunate student speaks about the involvement of teachers. The teacher had not only failed in determining her student’s Mental Disorder (MD) but directly abetted the teenager’s suicide. I have studied six cases of suicide of students; and in all the cases it was revealed that teachers were directly involved in encouraging the suicide in one or the other way. Some of the findings are concluded as under:

oIn first my case study, I found that Charanjit Sharma, a class tenth student had

committed suicide on a mere joke resulting into humiliation. In this case not only his classmate and colleagues acted in an irresponsible manner, but also the teacher by mere ignorance of fact contributed towards his suicide.

oHe despite being from a very poverty ridden family was studying well. His father was able to get him to school with great difficulties. He was a brilliant and outstanding student in tenth Standard. As he was an introvert and sensitive to studies, his friends used to coax and joke with him. On the day, when tenth standard board examination results were declared, he went to school with a hope to qualify with minimum of 60% marks, a rare achievement for any village student in early eighties.

oHe entered in the school with lot of hope and aspiration but before he could go to his class teacher; his few friends surrounded him and begin to whoop that despite being a book worm he had failed. Initially Charanjit thought that his two colleagues were joking but when he further met nearly ten of his classmates, every one confirmed that he had failed. Despite knowing well that all his friends were joking in unanimously telling him that he had failed, he went to his class teacher to confirm. The moment he inquired from his class teacher about his result, the teacher also, with out realizing effect of his internal mental conflict, reinforced his friend’s statement that he had failed.

oHe without querying further from anyone, not even in the village, he returned to home morose and lied down on bed with uttering a single world with anyone. Though his mother did realized that some thing was wrong with her son, but she being totally illiterate did not ask anything about school result. At about 4PM, he suddenly came out of the bedroom and began vomiting violently. Meanwhile, his mother also returned after working in fields and a large number of villagers had complemented her because her son Charanjit had done proud to the village by passing with first division. When he began to further vomit blood, the mother got worried and on query, Charanjit said that he had consumed sulphas pesticide to commit suicide because could not pass tenth standard to prove to be good son and.

oHis mother cried, saying Oh! Son what have you done? You have passed with the first division in the school, the only first division in your class. On hearing his mother’s screams, when all the villagers have assemble, Charanjit informed as to why he consumed pesticide and began to plead to save his life to my elder brother shri Balbir Sharma. He was immediately rushed to best specialist but could not be saved. He left for heavenly abode as a victim of cruel friend’s jokes and irresponsible teacher’s apathy. I have observed that he gave all the indications of his intention to family and friends before ending his life.

oLater while interacting with his teacher, I came to know that the teacher was not even aware of the fact that his friends were joking with him about the tenth standard examination result; because he said that when Charanjit had asked him something he had neither seen nor was aware about his result. He further said that seeing Charanjit’s friends laughing, he just nodded to agree with them, without realizing the true Mental Disorder state of mind of Charanjit. All his friends later felt guilty because of them Charanjit had committed suicide.

Analysis Reader would agree with me that all the attributes of Mental Stress Supervision Response (MSSR), Risk Behavioral Attributes Symptoms (RBAS) and Visual Changes Disorder (VCD) were evident before he committed suicide.

oHad his teacher given a correct reply, he would have not committed suicide?

oHad his mother and father tried to know as to why he became depressed after returning from school, Charanjit would have not committed suicide?

oHad he himself waited to see the result and than take a step he would have not committed suicide. All the “hads?” have generated the extreme cumulative effect of MSSR and VCD failure.

Infact, I have found that teachers have adopted Too Hoot to you (students) attitude, thus, making the student believes that he/she has lost his/her prestige or status in the eyes of teachers and friends. The current case of suicide is an example of teacher’s irresponsive behaviors conduct and approach in dealing such sensitive students. Though I have elaborated about the responsibilities of teachers in part-2 of my series, but in this article I would also dwell up on in analyzing the changing roles of teachers.

Secondly, my debate would concentrate around the changing character of education institution in the modern so-called developed world.

Has teaching become a business is the real question to debate? The readers would agree with me that the teachers, now days, have become more of money mind oriented then society service psyche servants. The teaching, rather considering as a noble cause of ancient Indian Saint System of Education (ISSY), has become an education industry. In the name of privatization and earning money for the State, the short sighted political leaders in the Government have virtually got rid of fulfilling the basic charter of constitutional duty towards citizen of State’s responsibilities.

How, not only Indian Government’s so-called think tank hawks but also the world over our leaders had replaced the basic Human Oriented Value Education Systems (HOVES) of past with the modern Materialistic and Valueless Education System (MAVES) of today. My debate is not to discuss as to what have we achieved with the MAVES, but to analyse as to how human values have been lost in modernity. The HOVES while taught teenagers as to how to become a good human being one the one hand, the MAVES teaches as to how to earn wealth at the altar of human values. The role of teachers in imparting such values is also revolving around materialistic approach. A few weaknesses of teachers observed while interacting with students are:

oOne; too self centered and mean approach in the class;

oTwo; only encourage and care fore upcoming students who other wise perform well and either neglect at all or dedicate minimum time towards weak students studies;

oThree; teach less in class rooms but encourage more students to join tuition class either at their homes or an institute of their choice;

oFour; minimum interaction with students after class hours;

oFive; no attempt to dedicate any time towards weak students;

oSix; make no attempt to understand his students and their psyche in the class;

oSeven; concentrate more on rich, financially sound and influential people’s than a common man’s children ;

oEight; a large number of teachers do develop fades, strong likings and disliking for some students and always try to prove disliked student’s wrong. Infact, I have seen that such teachers find an excuse to scold such students daily in the class. I have met a student of class ninth, who did not attend classes because his teacher did not like him to be their, by virtue of being from a weaker section of society due to Indian Quota system. Infact, quota had made him a hated man who later became a lawless human being;

oNinth; most of the teachers in the urge to earn more money have forgotten to neglect social responsibility of noble cause of education. I have had a chance to interact with a teacher in metro, where he was employed as a government teacher, he did his PhD on government expenses but he was attending government’s school for just one period through manipulations. He was running his own seven tuition centers. He was on motor cycle wheels for over eight hours a day traversing to move between one to other center. If such teachers are our role model than what can you expect from future teenagers. I call such teachers the Wealth Blind Man (WBM). These WBM has by and large ruined our future generations;

oTenth; most of the teachers now days are following the Less Teach, More Home Work tactics in the class. I have also approached a teacher for a solution which he gave to me teenager daughter and I was shocked to observe that after over one hour of attempt he could not solve the equation of physics for which he was given an award as well. He after sweating for over an hour pretended to use toilet and went inside. I am sure when he returned he was confident to solve because I still believe that he had probably seen some solved sheets inside. My interview with over 3000 students from lower kinder garden infants to 12th standard and their parents has confirmed this truth. Over 99% teachers especially from established schools are following this method of teachings.

oEleventh; most important aspect of fear is widening gap of communication between teachers and adolescence students who are shy, fearsome and weak in studies. In one class, I have observed that the teacher did not know the name of all his students despite being their basic class teacher for nearly a year. What a shame to our teaching community.

oTwelfth; Too Hoot to You syndrome is killing our teenagers through neglect and careless attitudes of world modern teacher’s community. To prevent a school going teenager’s suicide, our teacher’s community has to be sensitized towards the ever increasing problem of their suicide.

I hope that world teacher’s day would be celebrated with a vision to prevent teenagers

suicide in the school due to bad teachers – students’ relationship and self centered teacher’s MAVES approach. I am sanguine with a hope that my views will bring some senses amongst teachers to follow HOVES and save a life. I would further elaborate some new findings on teachers – student’s relations ship with thanks for support.

Source by S Kalpna Sharma

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