6 Foods That Increase Your Kids’ Memory and Brain Power

1. Fish

Salmon, sardine, mackerel and other cold-water fish is a best source of omega-3 fatty acids. It helps to boost energy, improve brain activity, enhance learning ability and improve problem solving skills. Tuna for example, keeps cell-membranes flexible and maximizes their ability to allow important nutrients in.You should include them at least 2% into your kids daily calorie intake.

2. Fruit

Antioxidant content in blueberry, raspberry, cranberry, and other berries have brain power boosting benefit by decreasing the free radial that occur with age. Half a cup pf strawberries provides 70% of the Recommended Daily Value (RDV) for vitamin C. Both of these can increase your learning capacity and motor skills. Avocados are especially potent in increasing blood flow to the brain with their mono-unsaturated fat content.

3. Vegetable

Broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, red bell pepper all help to retain memory. Carrot rich in vitamin C and B6 and beta-carotene also help increase memory significantly. Fill your kids’ platters with these leafy green vegetables will surely nourish and protect their brain.

4. Milk

Yogurt, cheese and other milk product rich in calcium is essential for proper nerve function

5. Egg

Egg contains very rich vitamin B and lecithin. The yolk contribute choline to the diet is a basic building block of brain cells that help enhance memory.

6. Chocolate

Parent should not totally forbid their children from chocolate at all. It will boost the production of endorphins that improve focus and concentration. Milk chocolate is proven to improve verbal and visual. Dark chocolate will boost blood supply to the brain and help improve cognitive skill.

Make your kids smarter by cooking them a healthy and nutritious meal.

Source by Sylvia John

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